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Inspected Components of a Residential Home

SITE CONDITIONS - Report on condition of driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls adjacent to home - Evaluate grading immediate to house for proper drainage - Report on signs of soil erosion - Report on areas where siding or fascia is improperly in contact with grade - Report on visible damage caused by trees and shrubs

STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS - Inspect the basement visible structural components and foundation walls - Report on any improper cutting, notching, and boring of frame members Inspect piers, posts, bearing beams, and other support members - Inspect crawl space if available - Report on the location of under-floor access openings - Report on any visible additions made to the home

BUILDING EXTERIOR - Visually inspect condition of fascia, decks, stoops, stairs, patios, porches, and car ports - Report on any improper steps or railings - Visually inspect windows and doors, soffits, and eaves - Inspect condition of trim, caulking, exterior paints, and sealant - Evaluate the trees, vegetation, surface drainage,and how they affect the home - Inspect the property retaining walls, fences, and gates - Report on the condition and slope of the driveway and sidewalks - Report on condition of garage, access doors, fireproofing, and ventilation - Report on electric garage door electronic sensors for proper function

ROOF SYSTEM - Report on the roof structure (beams, joists, rafters, sheathing) - Report on the condition of the roof covering, missing shingles and signs of wear - Evaluate the flashings, valleys, skylights, vents and penetrations - Report on the condition and pitch of the gutters, downspouts and overhangs - Report on any observed structural issues

PLUMBING SYSTEM - Observe main shutoff valve and supply line, visible drains, waste, and vents - Report on visible leaks in piping, traps and valves - Evaluate function, flow, and drainage of fixtures, faucets, and drain stops - Inspect water heater and presence of temperature relief valve and venting - Inspect outdoor hose bibs and faucets and locate visible inside shut off valves - Report on visible presence of Polybutylene piping - Inspect toilets/sinks/tubs/showers for water flow, drainage, and condition - Inspect the sump pump, float, drain and automatic shut off function

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - Inspect the drip loop, separation of conductors, and clearance from rooftop Inspect the service entry cables, main disconnect, and amperage rating - Inspect the meter box enclosures - Inspect service for proper grounding and bonding - Report on panel and service size and condition including breakers and fuses - Inspect condition of visible wiring and connectors - Inspect accessible receptacles, ground circuit interrupters and report on function, polarity and condition or excessive heat - Inspect representative number of visible active switches and light fixtures - Report on visible presence of solid conductor aluminum branch circuit wiring - Test AFCI and GFCI receptacles during inspection using a tester


HEATING & COOLING SYSTEM - Report on type of fuel supply, location of fuel tanks, and main shut off valves - Report on overall visible condition of Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners - Observe overflow pan and condition of condensation drain - Observe visible condition of duct work - Observe visible condition and type of heating system - Observe condition of boiler and combustion chamber - Inspect burner - Inspect thermostat operation - Inspect furnace filter - Observe condition of venting - Report on overall function of furnace, heat pumps and air conditioners

BUILDING INTERIOR - Report on condition and operation of doors, windows, screens, sliding doors - Inspect walls, ceilings, floors, shelving in closets, stairs, and railings - Report on any improper steps or railings - Report on any signs of moisture intrusion, visible mold or mildew - Inspect working condition of appliances, kitchen cabinets - Inspect condition of bathrooms for moisture problems, caulking, and cabinets - Report on condition of visible flooring, tile, and carpets - Report on condition and functionality of vents - Report on any visible structural problems

INSULATION & VENTILATION - Inspect for the presence, location, and condition of the vapor barrier - Inspect all penetrations for leaks - Inspect ventilation supply and returns for air flow and temperature

CHIMNEY & FIREPLACES - Inspect operation of damper in fireplace, if accessible and operable - Inspect Hearth extension and other permanently installed components - Inspect the firebox - Check clearances from combustible materials - Report condition of chimney, flue cap, crown, lintel, and flashings - Report visible cracking in chimney bricks - Check for signs of deteriorating mortar - Report on any visible creosote buildup

ATTIC & EAVES - Report on overall structural condition - Evaluate for ventilation and insulation - Report on presence and condition of fire resistant plywood (RFT) - Check for any visible roof leaks or stains caused from leakage - Check for visible signs of mold or mildew

SAFETY ACCESSORIES - Report on absence of smoke detectors - Report on absence of alarm systems - Report on any visible locks and latches in need of repair

Addition Inspections Available Upon Request

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