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A Commercial building inspection is for property buyers and existing property owners as well as property management companies. Whether reviewing drawings, inspecting new construction, or investigating existing property conditions Iconic Inspections can help.

Inspected Components of a Residential Home

SITE CONDITIONS - Report on condition of driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls adjacent to building - Evaluate grading immediate to building for proper drainage - Report on signs of soil erosion - Report on areas where fascia is improperly in contact with grade - Report on visible damage caused to common areas by trees and shrubs

STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS - Inspect the basement visible structural components and foundation walls - Inspect size and spacing of piers, posts, bearing beams, and columns - Inspect condition of masonry parapet walls - Inspect structural brick and stone fascia systems - Inspect condition of balconies, patios, setbacks, and bulkheads

BUILDING EXTERIOR - Report on overall condition of fascia - Report common areas like decks, stoops, stairs, patios, porches, and laundry - Visually inspect windows, doors, terraces, balconies, parapets, and railings - Report on any improper steps or railings Inspect condition of trim, caulking, exterior paints, coatings, stains and sealant - Evaluate the trees, vegetation, surface drainage,and the affect on the building - Inspect the property retaining walls, fences, and gates - Report on the condition and slope of the driveway and sidewalks - Report on condition of garage - Report on electric garage door electronic sensors for proper function

ROOF SYSTEM - Report on the roof structure (slab, beams, joists, rafters, sheathing) - Report on the condition of the roof covering, missing shingles and signs of wear - Evaluate the flashings, valleys, skylights, vents and penetrations - Report on the condition and pitch of the gutters, downspouts and overhangs - Report on any possible structural problems - Report on condition of roofing system on balconies and terrace setbacks

BUILDING INTERIOR - Report on condition and operation of doors, windows, screens, sliding doors - Inspect walls, ceilings, floors, shelving in closets, stairs, and railings - Report on any improper steps or railings - Report on any signs of moisture intrusion, visible mold or mildew - Inspect working condition of appliances, kitchen cabinets, and pantry - Inspect condition of bathrooms for moisture problems, caulking, and cabinets - Report on condition of visible flooring, tile, and carpets - Report on condition and functionality of vents - Report on any visible structural problems

ELECTRICAL - Report on Amperage rating of main breaker - Report on any sub-breakers - Report on any problems with junction boxes and fixtures

INSULATION & VENTILATION - Inspect for the presence, location, and condition of the vapor barrier if visible - Inspect all visible penetrations in units for leaks - Inspect ventilation supply and returns for air flow and temperature

CHIMNEY/FIREPLACE/SMOKE STACKS - Inspect operation of damper in fireplace, if accessible and operable Inspect Hearth extension and other permanently installed components - Inspect the firebox - Check clearances from combustible materials - Report condition of chimney, flue cap, crown, lintel, and flashings - Report visible cracking in chimney bricks - Check for signs of deteriorating mortar - Report on any visible creosote buildup - Check for signs of pests and any pest prevention being utilized

SAFETY ACCESSORIES - Report on absence of smoke detectors - Report on absence of alarm systems - Report on any visible locks and latches in need of repair

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